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God's Music

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Welcome Back | Crystal

With the new look on the website and the updates made. I ask that you may leave a comment on what you like or dislike.

You may now request a playlist of you favorite gospel songs, also you may request song that you would like to get a copy of, this will then be placed on your profile for you to download.

You will also be able to receive regular updates on concerts and songs as well as videos.



Kirk Franklin

Blood was red

I Smile

Kirk Franklin


Donnie McClurkin

Take over

Tye Tribbett


Featured video

Kirk Franklin - I Smile



Caught Up

(feat. Pastor Shirley Caesar)

Caught up to meet Him
Can't wait see Him
When He cracks the sky
Can't wait to hold Him
By His touch I will know Him
Together Jesus and I


The trumpet shall sound
We'll all be changed
We'll walk the streets of gold
One day I'm gonna behold my Savior's face
I'll finally be in that place
I'll finally, I'll find peace for my very soul

In a moment in a twinkling
Oh, He's gonna call my name (yes)
I'll be caught up in the twinkling of an eye (yes I will)
See, these other things they don't compare
To the joy God's got over there
We'll be together we're gonna get together.
Jesus and I (oh yeah)


Caught up
To see Jesus
Caught up
To see Jesus
I will be caught up
Caught up
Caught up (repeat)
Together Jesus and I
Together Jesus and I

The Blood

Gospel Lyrics >> Song Title :: The Blood Song
Gospel Lyrics >> Song Artist :: Kirk Franklin

So many different religions
And so many different churches
And if God really loves me
Then why does life keep hurting me?
Have you ever asked any of these questions?
Well my friend Ive got the answer just listen

You have the power
To make the seasons change
The river flows for you
The wind whispers Your name
For me you left Your throne
And traded crown for thorns instead
Im safe within not by Your skin
But because Your blood was red

Some say Youre black, youre white
They question if youre real
We treat you like we treat ourselves
I wonder how you feel
To see your children fight in spite
of the tears for us youve shed
Doesnt matter what color you are
As long as your blood was red

For its strong enough to wash away my sins
And its pure enough to cleanse me deep within
And its real enough to find me when Im lost
Great enough to die upon the cross
It doesnt matter what color you are
As long as your blood was red

We may be different but
The God we serves the same
Yet every Sunday we separate
And bring the Father pain
Your name is higher than any other
Yet You took my place instead
And now my sins are washed away
Because Your blood was red

(Repeat chorus)

Oh precious is the flow
That makes me white as snow
No other fount I know
Doesnt matter what color you are
As long as your blood was red
Doesnt matter what color you are
As you are as long as your blood was red
Doesnt matter what color I am
As long as my blood was red

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